Detective WenJian Liu was assassinated with his partner, Detective Rafael Ramos on December 20, 2014. He was dedicated to protecting and serving the City of New York and its residents.

He first joined the NYPD by volunteering with the 72 Pct Auxiliary police from 2006-2007. In December 2007, after graduating the police Academy, he fulfilled his dream of becoming a New York City Police Officer. He was assigned to 84 Pct as his permanent patrol command.

Det. WenJian Liu is the father of Angelina, a miracle baby who was born two and a half years after of his death. WenJian was a only child he shared very strong bond with his parents. WenJian was newly married to his wife in September 2014. Just three months before he was tragically killed in the line of duty.

He cared deeply for the Chinese community, and he gave his best support to the people of Brooklyn. WenJian always had a passion for many things, one of these passions was being a police officer. He displayed his pride being a police officer. and demonstrated his professional oath to serve and protect.

The Detective WenJian Liu Foundation will continue his legacy by assisting the surviving families of first responders who made the ultimate sacrifice. By providing fully trained therapy dogs, the Foundation Will provide much needed support to aid those families on the long road of recovery.