Detective WenJian Liu was shot and killed in the line of duty on December 20, 2014, while he and his partner, Detective Rafael Ramos, sat in a marked patrol car in Brooklyn, New York. Detective Ramos was also shot and killed.

The Detective WenJian Liu Foundation’s mission embodies the character and values that Detective Liu held most dear; service to the community and helping others. 

The Foundation strives to positively impact the lives of all NY Police Officers, first responders, as well as military service members and their families, who suffer distress from traumatic episodes encountered in fulfilling their duty of protecting their community and their Country.

Although Detective WenJian Liu never owned a dog, he loved them and always dreamed of having one to call his own.

The Foundation, in carrying out its mission, endeavors to improve the lives of the survivors of our first responders by providing them with therapy dogs to aid them in their recovery. The Foundation also supports animal rescue, care and training, and stresses the humane treatment of all dogs.

The Foundation’s President, the widow of Detective WenJian Liu, knows personally how much a therapy dog can assist in recovery, and has her own dog, appropriately named “Liu”, ever present by her side.

The Foundation’s primary goal is to help fund the rescue, care and training of therapy dogs to provide assistance to those first responders, service members and their families who have suffered as their loved ones made the ultimate sacrifice, by giving them fully trained comfort dogs.

Through the training and furnishing of therapy dogs, the Detective WenJian Liu Foundation provides much needed assistance to those who have suffered the greatest of losses, and we stand true to our motto “Never Forget”.